About the Academy

Welcome to San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies


Use the body’s own resources to heal, restore and beautify. Learn about the newest discoveries, theories and techniques in the promising field of regenerative medicine. Discover new paths to success!


The San Diego ARTs Faculty are experts in the field of regenerative medicine. Take a journey through invaluable didactic sessions and hands-on trainings for the many applications of regenerative therapies in aesthetic and functional medicine.


Use the knowledge and techniques that you’ve gained from an SDARTs conference to increase the options and services you can provide for your patients or field of research.

About the Academy

San Diego ARTs offers training courses in minimally invasive office-based procedures using regenerative therapies in Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Functional Medicine. The ease of accessibility and the regenerative properties of adipose tissue, PRP and bone marrow aspirate, make them an ideal product for outpatient procedures.

San Diego ARTs selects its excellent faculty based on expertise in the field and exceptional teaching skills. The faculty instructs using clinically proven, step-by-step protocols that ensure reproducibility in the office-based practice. Attendees leave San Diego ARTS courses with the information and the tools to begin offering these procedures in clinical practice.