NanoFat: Basic Research and Clinical Applications

April 22nd, 2017

Do you know…

  • The definition of Nanofat?
  • How to achieve remarkable improvements in rhytides, scars and dark lower eyelids using Nanofat?
  • How to minimize infections, fat cysts, granulomas and other unwanted side effects through fat transfer?

Read Dr. Patrick Tonnard & Dr. Alexis Verpaele’s latest paper on Nanofat Grafting: Basic Research & Clinical Applications and find out how Nanofat injections can greatly help your patients in anti-aging, hair regeneration, radiation/sun damage skin, chronic wounds and abnormal scarring.

Video: Nanofat Processing using Tulip Instruments to gain more knowledge on the art of Nanofat

Learn more about Nanofat and its Clinical Applications on the SDARTs Online Learning Center >

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