Didactic Presentation: New Trends in Breast Augmentation

New Trends in Breast Augmentation: Hybrid (Composite) Augmentation and Breast Implant Conversion with Fat Grafting

A new SDARTs Online Didactic Presentation

Speaker: Dr. Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD


Join Dr. Amin Kalaaji of Oslo, Norway, for a comprehensive presentation on these two new breast augmentation trends utilizing adipose tissue. Dr. Kalaaji discusses hybrid augmentation using both implants and fat and breast implant explantation and replacement with fat.

Topics covered:

  • indications for each procedure
  • patient selection
  • managing patient expectations
  • the pros and cons of simultaneous vs. delayed techniques
  • absorption
  • long-term volume retention
  • cost-effectiveness
  • avoiding complications
  • oncological safety

Surgical videos demonstrate the techniques for each procedure. Dr. Kalaaji explains and compares various methods of processing the fat tissue for reinjection:

  • machine centrifugation
  • manual centrifugation
  • decanting
  • decanting with vibration

Dr. Kalaaji concludes with before and after photos and an evaluation of his results.


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